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Bassist & composer

Meet Thomas Munk-Petersen, an experienced Danish double bassist and composer based in Aalborg. With over a decade as an active jazz musician, Thomas has crafted his own sound, drawing inspiration from the American jazz tradition, Bach's classical tones, and free improvisation.

Thomas has shared his music with the world on stages in Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and the USA, collaborating with talented artists such as Eyal Lovett, Uffe Markussen, Finn Odderskov, Thomas Fryland, Casper Hejlesen, Rasmus Sørensen and Raphael Gimenes. He contributed as a bassist to Raphael Gimenes' album "Raphael Gimenes & As Montanhas de Som" (2016), released by One World Records.

In 2021, Thomas invited listeners on an emotional journey with his debut album "Take-Off" released by Gateway. The album takes listeners on an adventurous trip to outer space, where the moods range from a quiet morning on an alien planet to a spaceship taking flight. His latest release, the single "Vinternat" (2023), with the group "Featherdrop," offers a glimpse of their upcoming EP, expected to be released in winter 2024.

Currently, Thomas is working on a new album in trio format exploring new musical horizons alongside the award-winning Israeli pianist Eyal Lovett and the talented drummer Carsten Landors. 

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